Sepsis Registry


  • Multi-user, multi-tier, bilingual, theme-based web and desktop application designed to handle extensive financial and inventory data, if applicable.
  • Dashboard for enhanced and efficient usability.
  • Integration of the ELMAH tool to manage and log runtime errors.
  • Provision of improved, rapid, and precise financial services to the firm through online data availability based on authentication.
  • Automated and enhanced management of financial data to provide superior services to the firms and improve response time.
  • Data security through authentication, role-based security, and user management.
  • Module-level search for easy retrieval of any data.
  • Inventory management.
  • Importation of data from Excel files.
  • General, advanced, and MIS reports with charts for evaluating financial data.
  • Asset management with transfer capability.
  • Department and Branch management.


    This web and desktop application, designed to monitor ICU patients with Sepsis disease, offers a multi-user, multi-tier, bilingual platform. The system features a user-friendly dashboard, ELMAH tool integration for error management, and automated financial data handling for superior services and improved response time. With robust data security, inventory management, and advanced reporting capabilities, including charts, it provides comprehensive solutions for asset management, departmental control, and efficient data retrieval.