Galen Patient Management System


  • Multi-user, multi-tier web and desktop application designed to manage extensive patient data along with their medical history.
  • Dashboard for enhanced and efficient usability.
  • Integration of the ELMAH tool to handle and log runtime errors.
  • Provision of superior and prompt services to patients and the healthcare industry through online access to authenticated patient data.
  • Automated management of patient data to deliver improved healthcare services to patients and enhance response time.
  • Data security ensured through authentication, role-based security, and user management.
  • Quick registration to save time during emergencies.
  • Swift and advanced search capabilities for searching and analyzing patient data.
  • Department-wise registries to enhance manageability.
  • Inventory management from CMS to the department level for quick, automated, and timely inventory management.
  • Generation of general, advanced, and MIS reports with charts to evaluate nationwide healthcare services. MIS reports include metrics like Hospital Mortality Rate, etc.


    The Galen Patient Management System is a comprehensive, web-based platform designed for efficient and extensive patient management. This system encompasses a range of features to streamline medical processes, enhance patient care, and facilitate seamless communication among healthcare professionals, making it an indispensable tool in modern healthcare settings.