London Pilsner


  • A multi-user, multi-tier, bilingual, theme-based web and desktop application designed to handle extensive financial and inventory data, if applicable.
  • Dashboard for improved and quick usability.
  • Integration of the ELMAH tool to handle and log runtime errors.
  • Provision of superior, quick, and accurate financial services to the firm through online data availability based on authentication.
  • Automated and enhanced management of financial data to provide superior services to firms and improve response time.
  • Data security through authentication, role-based security, and user management.
  • Module-level search for easy retrieval of any data.
  • Inventory management.
  • Import data from Excel files.
  • Generation of general, advanced, and MIS reports with charts to evaluate financial data.
  • Asset management with transfer facility.
  • Department and branch management.


    London Pilsner is a web-based intranet complex ERP system specifically designed for clients in the liquor industry. It features a unique capability that enables the tracking of the complete set of documentation and the automatic submission of returns to the Government portal for duty drawback through its API. The system ensures a high level of accuracy, especially given that each transaction for such submissions involves amounts exceeding a million rupees.