• Multi-user, multi-tier, bilingual web/desktop application.
  • Module-level search for easy data retrieval.
  • Dashboard for enhanced and efficient usability.
  • Advanced features such as News, Newsletter, Audit trails, Approval-based content management, Event Management, and Country-based Content.
  • Data import functionality from Excel files.
  • Data security ensured through authentication, role-based security, and user management.
  • Provision of WYSIWYG editors for improved content management.
  • Management of active or inactive content.
  • Image gallery, file upload, and management.
  • Screen sharing, presenting screens, text chat, voice chat, etc.
  • Online examination features like GRE, based on statistical calculation.
  • Online configuration options to set the difficulty level in the system.
  • Online result functionality.


    The smart education system offers a versatile platform with features such as a user-friendly dashboard, content management, and multi-tier, bilingual application. It includes advanced functionalities like module-level search, data security, and tools for interactive learning such as screen sharing, text chat, and voice chat. Additionally, the system supports online examinations like GRE, provides configurable difficulty levels, and offers efficient result management.