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Microsoft Azure Quantum

Microsoft Azure Quantum is now open in Public Preview

(Image courtesy: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/uploads/prod/sites/7/2020/05/Azure-Quantum-Icon-TW-v2_1024x512.png) Microsoft has announced February 2, 2021, that Azure Quantum is now in public preview. Azure Quantum was into limited preview and only open to a small number of select Microsoft partners, customers, and others, but now, anyone with interest in quantum computing can start experimenting with the

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Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio (datastudio.google.com) is a part of the Google Marketing Platform but has its own ecosystem. It's free (with limited features) and an excellent solution for Data Visualization and Dashboard creation. You will need your google account to work with it. The Dashboards are helpful in all the domains,

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Google Chrome Audio/Video Feature

Google Chrome is quite well known browser now. Google is adding loads of features regularly to improve and keep it relevant. Google has planning to add new function in its toolbar for its audio/video functionality. A button to play, pause, or skip videos or music will be added to toolbar.

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Amazon unveils new Alexa-powered gadgets!!

Amazon has redesigned Echo, Wall Clock, Echo Auto and a Microwave…!!! On Thursday, Amazon has launched a range of new Echo smart home devices and introduces a smart plug that enables users to control any power socket using voice. The tech firm has also introduced a redesigned versions of Amazon

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What is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Data Privacy and Data Protection People sometime thinks that Data Privacy and Data Protection are similar but they are very different but are closely related and complements to each other. Data Privacy is one of the biggest concern nowadays. Data Privacy is also referred as Information Privacy. Data Privacy is

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CLR Stored Procedure and Creating It Step by Step

Introduction We usually face a problem in Stored Procedures and other database objects when we need to implement some complicated logic within it. We found inefficient performance when we tried to implement complex logic & business rules in database objects. In many cases, we found C# or VB classes more

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