Virat Kothari, PhD

I'm a passionate techno-functional IT professional, co-founder, and Ph.D. in Computer Science. Whether it's software development, AI/ML, IT infrastructure, or project management, I provide simple solutions to complex problems!

What I Do

Project Management

Seasoned in managing and delivering large scale projects in ERP, Healthcare, Shopping, Banking and Education. Led teams of various sizes using technologies like .NET, PHP, Java among others.


Exploring projects in AI and ML, specializing in Computer Vision, NLP, and predictive modeling for impactful solutions.

Software Development

Proficiently directed the development of a variety of multi-technology and multi-platform projects, offering strategic consulting, leadership, and cultivating collaborative relationships with clients.

Quantum Computing

Actively exploring Quantum Computing with a focus on Computer Vision and NLP, eager to leverage this technology for innovative solutions in visual and language processing.