• Multi-user, multi-tier, bilingual, or multilingual web application.
  • Module-level search for easy data retrieval.
  • Dashboard for enhanced and efficient usability.
  • Integration of the ELMAH tool to handle and log runtime errors.
  • Advanced features such as News, Newsletter, Audit trails, Approval-based content management, Event Management, and Country-based Content.
  • Online purchase options with credit card or payment on delivery, including order maintenance, wish lists, and functionality to suggest to a friend, gift vouchers, etc.
  • View order and order processing functionality.
  • Implementation of SSL for secure data transmission.
  • Data import functionality from Excel files.
  • Payment Gateway and FedEx integration.
  • Data security through authentication, role-based security, and user management.
  • Provision of WYSIWYG editors for improved content management.
  • Management of active or inactive content.
  • Image gallery, file upload, and management.
  • Various reporting features for a comprehensive overview.


    The large online clothing shopping portal boasts a user-friendly, multilingual web application with advanced features such as module-level search and a dynamic dashboard. It ensures secure transactions through SSL implementation and offers various payment options, including credit card and payment on delivery. The system integrates seamlessly with ELMAH for error handling, provides content management tools, and supports order management, wish lists, and gift vouchers. With robust data security, WYSIWYG editors, and a range of reporting features, the portal delivers a comprehensive and secure shopping experience for users.