Gyan Setu


  • The tablet-based smart education system.
  • Multi-user, multi-tier, bilingual web/desktop application.
  • Module-level search for easy data retrieval.
  • Dashboard for enhanced and efficient usability.
  • Advanced features such as News, Newsletter, Audit trails, Approval-based content management, Event Management, and Country-based Content.
  • Data import functionality from Excel files.
  • Data security through authentication, role-based security, and user management.
  • Provision of WYSIWYG editors for improved content management.
  • Management of active or inactive content.
  • Image gallery, file upload, and management.
  • Chat functionality between schools.
  • Data sharing capabilities among schools.


    The tablet-based smart education system offers a versatile platform with advanced features such as News, Audit trails, and content management. It ensures efficient data handling with features like module-level search, data import from Excel files, and secure authentication. The system also supports collaborative learning through chat functionality between schools and seamless data sharing capabilities.