Medical Inventory Management System


  • Multi-user, multi-tier web and desktop application designed to handle extensive patient data, including their previous medical history.
  • Dashboard for improved and quick usability.
  • Integration of the ELMAH tool to handle and log runtime errors.
  • Provision of superior and prompt services to patients and the healthcare industry through the online availability of patient data based on authentication.
  • Automated management of patient data to deliver improved healthcare services to patients and enhance response time.
  • Data security ensured through authentication, role-based security, and user management.
  • Quick registration to save time in emergencies.
  • Swift and advanced search functionalities for searching and analyzing patient data.
  • Department-wise registries to enhance manageability.
  • Inventory management from CMS to the department level for quick, automated, and timely inventory management.
  • General, advanced, and MIS reports with charts to evaluate nationwide healthcare services. The MIS reports, such as Hospital Mortality Rate, Hospital Mortality Rate considering trauma type, Hospital Mortality Rate with GCS and Trauma injury severity score, Hospital Mortality Rate considering treatment parameters, etc., provide detailed information on the health trends of the population, hospitals, and the nation


    The Medical Inventory Management System is a versatile application designed for efficient patient data handling, featuring a user-friendly dashboard and ELMAH error logging. Offering quick healthcare services, automated data management, and advanced search capabilities, the system ensures streamlined operations. Department-wise registries enhance manageability, and comprehensive reports, including Hospital Mortality Rate with trauma-specific considerations, provide a detailed overview of health trends at various levels.